Environmental Sustainability Of The United Nations Millennium Development Goals

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Due to the rising environmental issues universities have strived to become sustainable. This change has affected many aspects of campus life. Students and faculty have come across several new opportunities because of this development. One of the United Nations Millennium Development Goals include the goal to ensure environmental sustainability. In the position of universities the challenge is acquiring funds and student participation to make this initiative a priority. Developments like grass-roots projects for funding and other awareness campaigns. Other opportunities may create community ties, allow for government funding and a major factor is a positive review of universities. Creating an environmentally conscious university is…show more content…
Concluding that more students were satisfied after the changes to UBCO campus food was made. Also the ranking of a university can improve as the student population gives a better review of the university, in turn this process makes the university a better place for future students. Just like becoming environmentally conscious will be better for the future ahead of us. It is commonly known that our large carbon footprint has impacted our environment in a negative way and if mankind does not change our ways of mass consumption and over use of finite resources we will become difficult to life as we know it. Yet this common knowledge does not seem to be enough motivation for all people. Integrating environmental sustainability into universities (Ralph, 2013). This article illustrates the drivers and barriers to moving towards an environmentally sustainable university. As universities are a large source of energy production, students should also be educated on the environment. This awareness of our carbon footprint should be integrated into the learning curriculum. “The United Nations (UN) Earth Summit in Rio de Janeiro in 1992 placed education for sustainable development on the global agenda and as one of the top priorities in national policy documents” (Anderberg et al. 2009). The article suggests that
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