Environmental Sustainability Through Green Supply Chain Management

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Environmental Sustainability through Green Supply Chain Practices: A Study on Indian Automobile Sector Saad Bin Azhar Research Scholar, Department of Business Administration Aligarh Muslim University saadbinazhar88@gmail.com ABSTRACT: Purpose – This paper highlights the role of green management practices in the development of environmentally responsive supply chains. The purpose of this paper is to review environmental indicators, major drivers, various green practices and performance of environmental friendly supply chains in the context of the automobile industry in India. Design/methodology/approach –This…show more content…
Much of this arises from manufacturing organizations that continue to produce large amounts of unnecessary waste or emissions rather than investing in better technologies or practices to prevent its generation at the source (Klassen,2000; King and Lenox, 2002). External pressure applied by customers to achieve the requirements of reduced cost, increasing quality and faster delivery leads to production of unnecessary waste or the choosing of lower-cost but environmentally unsustainable production alternatives (Green et al., 1998). No significant research contribution investigating the sustainability aspects of supply chains has been reported in the Indian context so far, and thus it is felt essential to undertake this study which targets the automobile supply chain, keeping in focus environmental and social concerns. The idea is to unearth the various pressures/ drivers, practices and performance of the adopted measures for green and socially responsible supply chains. After a brief review about the Indian automobile supply chain, strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats (SWOT) analyses have been checked to get a first-hand impression of the present scenario.

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