Environmental, Sustainability and Social Responsibility

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Sports maunfacutring industry | Environmental, Sustainability and Social Responsibility | Adidas versus Nike | | | 12/8/2011 |


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Adidas vs. Nike

Environmental, sustainability and social responsibility reports are always created for vast amounts of companies around the world. Adidas and Nike are huge competitors in the sports manufacturing industry. Adidas is the second largest manufacturer of sporting equipment and clothing in the world behind the American company known as Nike. Adidas’ global headquarters is located in Herzogenaurach, Germany while Nike’s headquarters is located in Beaverton, Oregon. Adidas was first founded in the year 1948 and Nike was first founded in 1964. These two
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Trying to analyze which company is more responsible will take a lot of time, commitment and detailed information in order to come out with a well-informed decision. When comparing both of these companies that are at the top of the sports manufacturing industry, Adidas appears to be the better company to invest money into at this current juncture. In our opinion, it seems that Adidas is more up front and honest with their ethical issues in its reports. Such issues include environmental, sustainability and social responsibility. The company is making a genuine effort when it comes to improving in the long run. One important objective that opened our eyes was that Adidas is really pushing going green as much as it can for a company of its size. A program has been set up that is called the Environmental Strategy 2015. The aim of the program is “to reduce their environmental footprint fifteen percent by the year 2015 relative to sales” (Adidas Report). It seems that Nike has some lingering issues that are that are not helping the company with potential investors. According to its reports, Adidas is making a push to ensure it is doing everything possible to please its investors, workers and customers and with this they are definitely a good company to invest in. Although Nike has
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