Environmental Uncertainty and Organizational Structure: a Product Management Perspective -Summary

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Environmental uncertainty and organizational structure: a product management perspective
Article bySteven Lysonski, Michael Levas, Noel Lavenka
This Lysonski et al.’s article focuses on how an organizational structure may affect the product manager -level marketing.
The article is about how a firm’s structural elements can affect the marketing effort at the product manager level. It asks if the firms take into account the uncertainty of the environment while planning their product-marketing organization structure.
Nowadays organizational environment is changing rapidly, and in the future the changes will be even faster. Many marketing plans will fail because of this uncertainty. Marketing organization structure should be flexible
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First my opinions concerning to survey. I think it is always problematic to make this kind of questionnaire because every human has one’s subjective feeling about thing so I think for example the question “How often are you certain that a product related decision is a correct one?” is very broad. People can perceive it in many different ways. And anyhow, in decision making, some people are of course more uncertain than others. So the personality should be taken into account as well.

In my opinion it is very logical that when it some uncertain situation and people are not so sure about their decisions, it is easier to share the authority. It gives managers more space in the situation that everything goes wrong.
This survey was only made for managers working in companies in USA. If there have been product managers also from Europe, Asia and other parts, I think the results would have been different. In my opinion in USA the marketing has often the “first” role in company, but for example in northern Europe engineering is more valued. I think this would have changed at least the result concerning product managers’ authority.
“The means for the formalization score indicate that under conditions of high environmental uncertainty there seem to be significantly fewer rules and procedures for product managers.”
I think this is pointing to the fact that the uncertain times there is no choice but to change the rules in some cases. I will
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