Environmental Warming In Global Warming

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Summary: In wake of impending climate change impacts, the scientific community has taken it upon themselves to reverse engineer the predicted negative impacts. Since the 1990’s, geoengineering, or the addition of aerosols into the stratosphere, has been proposed to halt the warming of our climate. The main issue with injecting microscopic aerosols into our atmosphere is that the ozone layer would respond negatively. Since the 1990’s, studies have concluded that injecting sulfate aerosols will lead to a general decrease in ozone concentrations (Pitari et. al 2014). In Pitari et. al 2014, “Stratospheric ozone response to sulfate geoengineering: Results from the Geoengineering Model Intercomparison Project (GeoMIP)”, multiple simulations …show more content…

With respect to the ozone response to stratospheric geoengineering, we now have new information that will need to be further investigated outside of computer simulations to determine the true impact of stratospheric geoengineering on the ozone layer. Similarities and differences between Pitari et. al 2014 and Keith et. al 2016 Both research papers aim to negate the potentially negative impacts of stratospheric geoengineering. They both conclude that in computer model simulations, sulfate aerosols will ultimately damage the ozone layer. Keith et. al 2016 concludes that using calcite aerosols could have significantly less environmental risks, such as less ozone depletion, claiming the need for more extensive research beyond the traditional mindset that is stuck on sulfate aerosols. Both papers exclusively used computer modeling, Pitari et. al 2014 used ULAQ-CCM, MIROC-ESM-CHEM, and GEOSCCM, while Keith et. al 2016 used AER 2-D, RRTM, and hand computing chemical reactions. Heterogeneous chemical reactions occurring on the surface of sulfate and calcite aerosols were computed using ULAQ-CCM, MIROC-ESM-CHEM, GEOSCCM and AER 2-D. The models differ in the sense that AER 2-D was used to differentiate the heterogeneous chemical

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