Environmental Worldviews And The Importance Of Resource Conservation Essay

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Environmental Worldviews and The Importance of Resource Conservation

Acid Rain - Uneven distribution and Human and Environmental Effects


The world consists of many opposing views on how the world should function and how to best interact with it. The first points describes different environmental worldviews and the second point describes the importance of resource conservation.

1.1 Environmental Worldviews and Values
Environmental worldviews are how people think the world works, where they fit, and how they think ethically and morally. These views can be human centred, earth-centered or a combination of the two(Tucker and Grim, 1994).

Human-Centered and Life-Centered Environmental Worldviews

Human-centered views consider humans to be the most important species and stewards(a person in charge of looking after something) of the earth.

Planetary management worldview
Humans are thought to be the dominant species. They believe that humans should manage the earth, all other life forms have some sort of instrumental value for human use.
Problems are solved with more economic growth and development, and better management and technology and that the planet should have a free-market global economy(Tucker and Grim, 1994).

Stewardship worldview
Humans have an ethical responsibility to care for the earth, they should make a better world and repay the earth by
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