Environmental and Consumer Influences Analysis

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Environmental and Consumer Influences Analysis Paper


Environmental and Consumer Influences Analysis Paper

This paper will discuss the psychological and social factors, such as motives, perception, attitudes, personality, family, social class, and reference group that influence consumer behavior toward a product or service. It is important for marketers to develop an effective marketing message, understand and know how to apply this knowledge of consumer psychology to create and develop an effective marketing of its products and services.
Consumer behavior consists of the psychological and social processes people undergo in

the acquisition, use and disposal of products such automobiles, services
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What drives the consumer to make decisions based on marketing techniques and

how do these providers keep the consumer interested and loyal? Home entertainment is

always innovated and redeveloped and it seems as each year passes the current year is more

advanced than the previous year. Consumers want what will best suit their needs and that is

the fastest internet, best satellite or cable network, with technology advancing each year the

consumer will always want what is better and more advanced.

Companies need to constantly have updated information from each household on

political, social, and cultural issues that drive the consumer to home entertainment services and

devices. The need to belong to a certain culture, social support, and a political way of

thinking, satellite, cable, internet, or phone service is easily marketable in today’s society.

Staying competitive and a head of the market may be one thing that can hinder service

providers from staying ahead of the competition. Psychological and social factors regarding

the desire for these needs give marketers the lead in providing these needs.

There will always be a need for home entertainment and these providers will continue to get

their products in the homes of consumers as long as the consumer continues to show an

interest in their product.
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