Environmental and Sustainability Movement

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A result of the current environmental and sustainability movement, landfills have a tendency to spark heated political debates. While there are both pro’s and con’s to today’s landfills, it is critical to realize that landfills have a misconception. Most people think of modern landfills as open dumps, where trash is left exposed and untouched for years. Few people actually know that landfills are highly engineered sites that bury and monitor trash daily. The proposal for landfills must map out the complete plan for the landfill from open to close, with an additional thirty years of monitoring. All costs must be planned in advance, including potential, unexpected maintenance. Much of the environmental hesitation is a result of landfills created and closed in the 1980‘s and 1990’s. Poor construction of landfills lead to leaching and groundwater pollution. Today’s modern technology allows us to properly line and construct landfills, as well as drain and treat liquids while monitoring methane formation and groundwater. These landfills are large scale operations that that work to decompose municipal solid waste (MSW), or human trash. Once they close and the proper amount of time to stabilize has passed, the area can be reused for parks, golf courses and other facilities. It is shocking to think that the average American produces around seven pounds of trash a day (NPR). What’s scarier is that this is a 50% increase in trash production from the 1960’s. It is unknown whether or
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