Environmentally Sustainable And Still Make Money By Ava Mohsenin

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In order to save the environment from pollution, businesses should consider having an environmentally-friendly operation. Protecting the environment is a key factor in going green that is beneficial to businesses and the environment. This topic is discussed in Ava Mohsenin’s article, “Can Businesses Be Environmentally Sustainable And Still Make Money?” Businesses stepping forward to lead a change in sustainability signifies there is profit and other benefits to being environmentally friendly. Additionally, Dupont is committed to “65% reduction and was saving $2.2B a year” through energy efficiency (Mohsenin). Kate L. Harrison, a communications marketing expert, explains in the article “10 Ways to Green Your Business and Save Money” that although some methods will not show profit immediately, business owners that use public transportation or have a fleet of hybrid vehicles can see an increase in profits over time. Furthermore, Mohsenin suggests that companies give their employees Prius’ in order to save money on gas and not pollute the air as much, similar to a brewing company that follows these…show more content…
According to the article, “Simple Ways Going Green Can Save You Money” by Josh Weiss, an expert analyst, and senior editor Susie Poppick, “One report from 2012 found that hospitals that reduce energy consumption and waste produced could save $15B over a decade.” This information suggests that putting effort into saving the environment can result in extensive profits and
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