Environments And Effects Of External Environment On Company's Strategy

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Effects of external environment on company’s strategy Introduction: The development of any organization require new ways of orientation of a business, requires organization to adapt to environmental changes inside and outside the action. The purpose of external assessment is to prosper a limited list of an opportunities and threats that should be avoided. External assessment is not aimed at developing an extensive list of every possible factor that could affect the business. External environment of an organizations are factors that affect the company’s ability to function. The importance of external environment and their effect on the expansion of marketing planning is crucial and should be reviewed by an organization wising to be profitable in the market. A firm should have a mind that effective marketing strategies could not be developed without the analysis of external environment in which the company operates. The external environment for a company covers many aspects such as macro environment and micro environment. The macro environment consists of forces such as social, political and technological and micro environment consists of such as structure of the market, the suppliers, customers and the competition. Strategic…show more content…
The external environment covers many aspects for the company. They both are considered under two factors the macro-environment and the micro-environment. The macro-environment of a company covers forces, for example, social, cultural, legal, economic, political and technological. Within this are incorporated elements, for example, demographics, green issues and larger societal and environmental forces. The micro-environment includes other environmental factors, such as the structure of the market, the suppliers, and customers, trends of the market, the public and

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