Enzyme Activity Lab Report

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Enzymes: Helpful or Harmful?
Enzymes act as catalysts to normalize the speed of the many chemical reactions involved in the Metabolism, of living organisms (2016). Because the enzyme-substrate results from weak bonds that require precise positioning of specific amino acid side chains in the active site, any external factors that affect formation of these bonds can significantly affect enzyme function. These factors include pH, ionic strength, temperature, and the chemical environment. Throughout the experiment, peroxidase, hydrogen peroxide and guaiacol was used to test each of the hypotheses (Lab Manual). This experiment is able to capture the essence of how critical it is for an enzyme to perform in its optimal environment.
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These factors include pH, ionic strength, temperature, and the chemical environment (Lab Manual). Most enzymes have evolved to function under the condition a which the reaction they catalyze occurs but are non-functional if these conditions are altered. Moreover, hydrogen peroxide is a toxic compound that is produced by organisms that perform their metabolic processes in the presence of oxygen (Lab Manual). The toxicity of hydrogen peroxide is largely the result of its ready conversion to reactive hydroxyls either by exposure to ultraviolet light or metals such as iron present in all organisms. Oxidative damage due to the presence of reactive hydroxyls can affect many types of biological molecules including DNA. Organisms have evolved many different mechanisms to eliminate hydrogen peroxide, the most important of which are catalase and peroxidase enzymes. Horseradish is a perennial herb whose roots are rich in peroxidase (Lab Manual). Guaiacol is a naturally occurring organic compound made by plants of the genus Guaiacum that can be converted to a brown colored oxidized form. It can assay the breakdown of hydrogen peroxide by measuring the increase in the production oxidized guaiacol. The lab is performed in a series of experiments to test 2 hypotheses. The first hypothesis: As

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