Enzyme Activity

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Abstract Enzymes are molecules that act as catalysts in the regulation of chemical and biological reactions in humans and other species. Every organ in humans depends on enzymes, as they are essential for optimal health. Most enzymes are protein molecules, which increase the reaction rate and function best under optimal conditions or temperatures related to the environment and the host organism where the enzyme is found. In this experiment, the digestive enzyme amylase was used in order to determine the optimal temperature for enzyme function from human and fungal (Aspergillus oryzae) sources in various temperatures. The digestive enzyme amylase that will be tested is responsible for the breakdown of the polysaccharide starch into…show more content…
These organisms are known as thermophiles, for their ability to strive in such high temperatures (Brock, 1985). Furthermore, it should be noted that not all enzymes are proteins; it was found that RNA has a type of enzymatic activity as well (Cech, 1987). RNA enzymes are able to do enzymatic activities even in the absence of proteins (Cech, 1987). This is possible because RNA enzymes have the ability to splice and joining of monomers (Cech, 1987). For the purposes of this experiment, protein enzymes will be used. In order to study enzyme optimal activity, human and fungal amylases (enzymes that metabolize starch) will grown along with starch at the following different temperatures: 0C, 40C, 60C, and 95C. At certain time intervals, samples of the incubating enzymes will be added to iodine in order to measure starch concentration. The temperature that contains the first enzymes that mostly or fully metabolize its sample of starch will usually be the optimal temperature for that type of enzyme (Goldina et al, 2010). The alternative hypothesis predicted was that as temperature increases and decreases past the enzyme’s optimal temperature, the enzyme activity will decrease. In addition, the null hypothesis for this experiment is that there is no correlation between the temperature and the catalyzing activity of the enzymes. The negative control

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