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Chemical Testing To identify An Unknown

The hypothesis tested was that depending on the solution presented, which would test positive for one of the following, proteins, carbohydrates, or lipids through use of chemical testing. (Sudan IV, Benedicts’ Solution, Iodine, Biuret’s) . In order to gain more information for the hypothesis, one must know how to test for said macromolecule. Each of the above stated molecules has their own individual solution that will in turn identify which molecule is present. The corresponding test are as followed; Sudan IV is used for testing for lipids, if in fact a lipid is present, the reaction would produce a red/orange color as opposed to no change at all (negative reaction: Stays pink
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So you will place ten drops of each individual solution into its own tube. Solutions used as followed, test tube one ten drops of onion juice, test tube two ten drops of potato juice, test tube three ten drops of sucrose solution, test tube four ten drops of the glucose solution, test tube five will have ten drops of distilled water, test tube six will contain the reducing sugars solution, test tube seven is then filled with ten drops of starch, and test tube eight is also filled with the 2mL of the unknown solution. Then after we had filled the test tubes we added seven to ten drops of iodine then observed if there had been any color changes with the solutions. The Biuret’s test for proteins we obtained six test tubes which then were labeled one threw six. Each individual test tube was given its own solution to be placed within in, test tube one contained 2mL of egg albumen, test tube two has 2mL of honey, test tube three has 2mL of amino acid solution, test tube four has 2mL of distilled water, test tube five contains 2mL of protein solution, and for test tube six it contained 2mL of the unknown corresponding to group C. Each test tube then has 2.5% sodium hydroxide (2mL) to each tube, then we observed any color changes. The next test is the Lipid solubility in polar and nonpolar solvents test, for this experiment we obtained two test tubes.

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