Enzyme Production By Yeasts Under Osmotic And Sulfite Stress By Blagica Petrovska

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CARS Move 2 The reference work chosen is the article “Glycerol production by yeasts under osmotic and sulfite stress” by Blagica Petrovska, Eleonora Winkelhausen, and Slobodanka Kuzmanova. The article discusses a method of glycerol production through osmotolerant yeast in addition to sulfite-steering agents. In this study, we will discuss how the author was able to move into CARS move 2. The CARS system refers to the proper method of writing an introduction, so in this article we shall be examining the introduction for the steps involved in CARS move 1 which lead to CARS move 2. We will then discuss the presence and legitimacy of the hypothesis. In this article we see that the introduction begins with just glycerol overall, a far broader topic than what is discussed and performed in the experiment itself. Petrovska et al. discuss how glycerol is formed as a by-product of ethanol during fermentation. This statement both provides us where glycerol comes from and where the experiment is heading but in very general terms. This satisfies step 1 of CARS move 1 in which the centrality is to be claimed. Again the statement is slowly becoming more specific with the second statement, which claims that the most important aspect of the formation of glycerol is the mechanism the yield depends on. This begins to get close to step 2 of CARS move 1, since the actual topic has not been introduced completely, however it hints the notion that the experiment is based on the mechanism of

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