Enzymes Digest The Fastest In Different Temperature

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We are investigating the relationship between enzyme’s Digesting speeds in different temperatures. We are going to measure the speed of amylase (Dependent) in different temperatures (Independent).
Our goal of this lab is to find out amylase’s digest speed in different temperatures. To accomplish this goal we will need 4 test tubes with amylase and starch in it, water baths/water boiler with will be making the temperature 4, 21, 40, 60 and 100. And iodine to test the amount of leftover starch. We will be mixing starch with amylase (test tubes) in different temperatures (4, 21, 40, 60, 100). Then we will add the mixture of amylase and starch, to the iodine in the wells. We add it because we want to see how fast amylase can digest starch in different temperatures.
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It is very necessary because the enzyme in our body helps us to digest the food faster and (substrate) we had. Enzymes are proteins that accelerate our body to digest substrate faster. But a kind of enzyme only digests one kind of substrate. It is reusable. In this lab, we are using a kind of enzyme called amylase that digests starch (which is amylose). Starch (C6H10O5) is what makes us full. it can be find easily in rice, bread and all kind of wheat-made food. It is very necessary to us because it gives energy, makes hydrogen and makes glucose. Every day, we had so many starch, who’s going to digest it? So that’s why we need amylase. Amylase can only digest starch (amylose). It helps our body to digest starch faster. It breaks amylose
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