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Ally Wormaan
Section 018
Our body has many cells, cells which operate like a chemical factory. Chemicals are broken down for things like energy, and new chemicals are then synthesized. The food we eat only supplies us with some of the compounds that are needed for our body to operate. Most that are needed are synthesized within the cell by hundreds of different types of reactions that are all part of metabolism. All of these reactions wouldn’t be able to take place at body temperature. Or rather if they did, they would do so at a very slow rate. Enzymes are what allow the reactions to take place rapidly and efficiently. In this lab we will be demonstrating the role of enzymes as described, and also
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Each test tube will receive 2mL of saliva and mix. Test tube one goes into the ice-water bath, two goes into a 35-40*c bath, and the third into boiling water. The test tubes need to stand in their water baths for 30 minutes, at least. After the 30 minutes we transfer 3 drops of each solution into separate depressions of a white spot plate. Each sample will receive 2 drops of iodine solution. We observe the colors, and record our results. Moving onto pH, we take three test tubes and place 2mL of buffer solution of pH 2 into test tube one. Test tube 2 receives 2mL of buffer solution of pH 7, and test tube 3 receives 2mL buffer solution of pH 12. Each test tube then received 2mL amylase solution and 2mL of 1% starch solution. We mix them and place them into a water bath at 35-40*c for 30 minutes. After being heater for 30 minutes, we transfer 3 drops of each solution into separate depressions of a white spot plate. Each sample receives 2 drops of iodine solution, just as we did with the temperature section. We record the colors and move on to the inhibitor section of the lab. Taking a clean test tube we add 2mL amylase solution, 2mL 1% starch, and 10 drops of 0.1 M Pb(NO3)2. We mix them and place the test tube into the water bath at 35-40*c, and heat for 30 minutes. After 30 minutes have passed we transfer 3 drops of solution into a depression of a white spot plate and add 2 drops of iodine solution to it. Then we record the
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