Enzymes For Brewing Beer And Fermenting Cheese

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INTRODUCTION Enzymes started in 1874 when a man named Christian Hansen made the first sample of rennet by using dried calves’ stomachs and placing them in a saline solution. That is the first recording of enzyme experimentation, but in previous years many people used enzymes for brewing beer and fermenting cheese. The recognition of enzymes helped create amazing things, for example, the creation of fungal amylase in Japan, desizing of textiles, leather bating, detergent containing enzymes, and glucoamylase. Enzymes are proteins and depending on the enzyme it can act as a positive catalyst where it increases the reaction of the substance or a negative catalyst which decreases the reaction of the substance. They can change the reaction …show more content…

Although there is also a maximum rate, it is not that the substrate will stop producing, it is that the enzyme will be completely saturated thus stopping the production of the reaction. The reaction is also the same with the enzyme concentration in that the production will increase as the saturation increases, but the substrate will also become saturated and will yield production. Enzymes are important in the biological world because it can help a scientist control the reaction of a substance based on the factors he or she wants to follow. This experiment will prove that temperature, pH, substrate concentration, and enzyme concentration can alter the reaction rate of a substance.

MATERIALS & METHODS First put on your goggles, gloves, and lab coat. Before measuring out all the enzyme and substrate concentrations we have to plug and turn on the spectrophotometer because it takes about 20 to 30 minutes to warm up. While the spectrophotometer is warming up we will start to prep the test tubes for the enzyme concentration on the reaction rate. We will have a low, medium and high concentration and for each level of concentration we will have a control, substrate, and enzyme. Starting with the low enzyme concentration, the configuration of the control should contain: 0.1 mL of guaiacol, 0.5 mL of turnip extract, and 9.4 mL of distilled water which should equal to

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