Epa And Regulations Regarding The Economy

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The EPA and Regulations Regarding the Economy

The world of 2015 is centralized on industrialization, and advancements that improve the manner in which a product can be produced to turn the greatest profit. While many of these improvements in speed and quantity benefits society, we cannot turn a blind eye to some of the heavy costs that are associated with this type of mass production. To address some of the issues, like pollution, governments create laws to regulate the amount of negative externalities to its citizens. In the United States, there are multiple federal agencies charged with creating the specific standards and regulations that states and large companies must adhere to. One agency in particular, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), implements and enforces some of these standards “to protect human health and the environment”(US Environmental, 2015).
The EPA deals with a lot of pollution regulations in regards to automobile emissions, nuclear materials, and harmful substances in products. They make sure that these regulations are based on the most recent scientific research and attempt to implement them fairly (US Environmental, 2015). This agency not only creates and sets these standards, but works with companies and states to help the federal standards be met, whether the aid is in knowledge of new technologies, money, or innovative ideas.
Many of the laws that are the footing for the national standards are common and affect many Americans in their

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