Epekto Ng Makabagong Teknolohiya Sa Mag-Aaral

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Home > Publications & Blogs > Client Advisories Checklist of Routine Annual Activities To Be Completed By NYSE-Listed Companies February 19, 2010 This memorandum lists typical routine activities for a NYSE-listed company, its Board of Directors or its Audit, Compensation and Nominating/Governance Committee, especially in connection with the Annual Meeting of Stockholders. Please note that, in any particular situation, additional activities may need to be completed and not all of the activities mentioned apply to all situations, and that each company’s activities will depend on its governing documents. A NYSE-listed foreign private issuer or limited partnership, or a NYSE-listed company that is emerging from bankruptcy or a “controlled…show more content…
Appoint Chairperson of the Board, if any (based on recommendation of Nominating/Governance Committee) Appoint Committee members (based on recommendation of Nominating/ Governance Committee) Schedules. Establish annual schedule for regular Board meetings Establish annual schedule for regular executive sessions of non management directors NYSE requirement to hold regular executive sessions of non management directors may be satisfied by holding regular executive sessions of only independent directors If regularly hold executive sessions of non-management directors (including non-independent directors), establish schedule for an executive session of only independent directors at least once annually Elections. If term of office expires annually, re-elect officers Elect new officers, if any Presiding Director. Designation by non-management directors of Presiding Director (based on recommendation of Nominating/Governance Committee) Ownership Guidelines. If necessary, approve stock ownership guidelines, as applicable, taking into account recommendations of Nominating/Governance Committee Nominating/Governance Committee Assessments. Conduct annual performance self-evaluation of Committee and lead annual self-assessment of
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