Ephedrine: The Weight Loss Wonder Drug? Essay

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Ephedrine: The Weight Loss Wonder Drug

An increasing number of people are using products to enhance their diets. A recent estimate indicates, “Americans are spending some $6 billion annually on nutritional supplements, and the market is growing by 20% every year” (Zahn, 1997). Of these supplements, the increase in herbal remedy use is most dramatic. Zahn holds that the increase can be attributed to the widely held belief that herbal substances are healthy and harmless because of their natural origins (1997). Unfortunately, research on these supplements, herbal or otherwise, has not transmitted to the public as quickly as the diet enhancers themselves. The phenomenon leaves many consumers misguided by skewed advertising and
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(Zahn, 1997)
Increases sexual sensations ! (White, et al 1997) & (Zahn, 1997)
Enhances Physical Performance ! http://www.gethuge.net/xen3.htm
Increases Mental Alertness ! http://www.bennrye.com/dietfuel3.html
Stimulates Fat Burning Metabolism.! http://www.ephedra.demon.nl/
Lose weight by feeling less hungry ! http://www.bennrye.com/dietfuel3.html
Burn stored fat! http://www.gethuge.net/xen3.htm
Reduces appetite ! http://www.ephedra.demon.nl/
Control sugar and carbohydrate cravings ! http://www.sobediet.com/html/tools.html
Preserve lean muscle tissue ! http://www.gethuge.net/xen3.htm
Helps you stop smoking! http://www.ephedra.demon.nl/

These claims were made by various web-sites that sell products containing MaHuang or Ephedrine. Although each web-site states it differently, they all agree this supplement has some impact on body size, shape, or composition. One site claims, “this [product, which contains Ma-Huang] is the ultimate weight loss product” http://naturesrx.hypermart.net/diet_energy.htm. Many products claim they can reduce appetite; but, one web-site goes as far as to say, “with the active ingredients Ephedra &

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