Ephesians: A Literary Analysis

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A literary analysis is the practice of looking closely at small parts to see how they affect the whole. Literary analysis focuses on how word techniques are used by the author to create meaning. One of the reasons that Paul penned his letters in Ephesians was to bolster areas that were weak in the church. In addition to that, Paul wanted to clarify central beliefs that may not have been well-defined. Probing Paul’s letter with such a supposition, reveals several frailties among the Ephesian that Paul needed to encourage and reinforce. One of these weaknesses are amalgamated with the word riches, which is present throughout the letter in Ephesians. In this portion of the essay I will break a portion of the text down into parts, in order to examine the different elements of this piece of literature, by analyzing a portion of the text.
Paul was disquieted about their lack of expectancy as it pertained to the gospel and the hope that was. Imaginably they were bemused by the situation that life present. Maybe their toil with hope was because of their misconception that God was not rich or charitable towards them, they had trouble believing God to be so rich to them. Because of their vulnerabilities, that really were issues of faith, they robbed themselves of experiencing the fullness of God's power. The power to:
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He says, “That He would grant you, according to the riches of His glory, to be strengthened with might through His Spirit in the inner man.” To be strengthened with might through His Spirit in the inner man: Paul asked that they would be strengthened with power, according to the riches of God’s glory. He also prayed that the might would come through the Holy Spirit to edify the inner man. There is an inner man, can be described as the inner spirit or soul, and just as real as our physical body. We all understand the importance of strength in our physical body, but many are exceedingly weak in the inner
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