Ephesians Historical Background

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Ephesians Historical Background Perry L. Julian Colorado Christian University Ephesians Historical Background We must understand Ephesus if we want to understand the Book of Ephesians. Ephesus was a large prosperous city in Asia Minor. One of the seven wonders of the world was in Ephesus. It was a large temple dedicated to a goddess named Diana (Artemis). The temple and streets were lined with immoral goddess prostitutes. It was a very wicked city and immorality flourished and flooded over into society and families. Paul was clever in using the concepts of holiness, service, and temple to reveal the power of the Gospel in how it creates a new people born of God dedicated to His holy purposes. While Paul was imprisoned on house…show more content…
(Note: If you delete this sample footnote, don’t forget to delete its in-text reference as well. That’s at the end of the sample Heading 2 paragraph on the first page of body content in this template.)] Tables Table 1 [Table Title] Column Head | Column Head | Column Head | Column Head | Column Head | Row Head | 123 | 123 | 123 | 123 | Row Head | 456 | 456 | 456 | 456 | Row Head | 789 | 789 | 789 | 789 | Row Head | 123 | 123 | 123 | 123 | Row Head | 456 | 456 | 456 | 456 | Row Head | 789 | 789 | 789 | 789 | Note: [Place all tables for your paper in a tables section, following references (and, if applicable, footnotes). Start a new page for each table, include a table number and table title for each, as shown on this page. All explanatory text appears in a table note that follows the table, such as this one. Use the Table/Figure style, available on the Home tab, in the Styles gallery, to get the spacing between table and note. Tables in APA format can use single or 1.5 line spacing. Include a heading for every row and column, even if the content seems obvious. A default table style has been setup for this template that fits APA guidelines. To insert a table, on the Insert tab, click Table.] Figures Figure 1. [Include all figures in their own section, following references (and footnotes and tables, if applicable). Include a numbered caption for each figure. Use the Table/Figure style for easy spacing between figure and
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