Epic Heores: Beowulf Versus Odysseus

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Beowulf vs. Odysseus People have been trying to decide whether Beowulf and Odysseus are viewed as equally epic heroes, they both share many characteristics as epic heroes. They are both world wide know for their actions and what kind of hero they are, their bravery, smartness and their use of brute strength. Although Odysseus is much more popular than Beowulf they still show many similarities in what they do. Not only do they have similarities, but also have many differences in them. The stuff they take pride in and also they are different in what they think is the most important thing in their lives. Both stories were written in Europe, so not only do they have similarities but they also have a great number of differences, but the main the to look at with these to is the similarities they shared and how they used their powers to conquer their opponents or enemies. Almost all epic poems have a hero in the story and Beowulf and Odysseus happen to be the heroes in the stories. Before we get into how the two epic heroes are alike and different we must look at what a epic hero is and what he or she does. There are many different kinds of epic heroes. Epic heroes are a lot more than just warriors and fighters; they don’t fight the battles that they fight for nothing. They have a purpose for why they are fighting it whether it is for themselves or for their people. They always fight for a purpose. Odysseus and Beowulf would not be the epic heroes they are believed to be if

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