Epic Heroes : The Ideal Hero

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Throughout history, epic heroes have defined the ideal characteristics of a society. Beowulf and Aenus are perfect examples of the ideal hero created from the mind of a creator, for the purpose of defining a society. Most epic heroes share certain character traits such as bravery, courage, determination, hubris or intelligence. It has been noted that sometimes epic heroes appear to simply be lucky or helped along by the gods and rely less on their own abilities. However, there are some heroes who are helped by the gods, but also rely heavily on their own abilities. Odysseus is one such hero. Continually, Odysseus escapes danger with his intelligence and ability to talk his way out of heated situations. Odysseus’ intelligence got him out of Polynicies cave, the hundreds of suitors, and his escape from Circes.
Odysseus’ crew wouldn’t have made it out of the cyclops Polynices cave without the brilliance of Odysseus. When the crew lands on the cyclops’ island they immediately surge to shore to secure supplies. Without thought to the danger it could impose they come across Polynices, cave and sheep and think to take a few for the voyage home. Polynices discovers them and ends up trapping them in his cave and eating several men. After blinding the cyclops, Odysseus comes up with a plan to escape. Odyssues devises he will tie the remainder of his men to the bottoms of the cyclops’s sheep. Polynices brings the sheep into the cave at night and lets them out in the morning to graze.…

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