Epic Meal Time: A Canadian Television Show

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Food is the consequence of different cultures making their own ideas for how to make nutrition into a thing of enjoyment and pleasure rather than for survival. Basic nutrition is only something that humans require in order to survive and live another day. The kind of food that humans create is based on where they live, the vegetation and animals, and is only for basic nutrition and human survival. Foods, otherwise known as meals, are made by humans in which they customize it to their tasting. Humans create especially made meals that appeal to them and the people that they live with. The kinds of meals varies with the location that a human lives, and the farther apart the humans are from each other, the more different their food, along with their culture, will be.
The cooking shows that are shown on television seem to be liked by the majority of the people because, according to Frank Bruni’s, An Expert’s Theory of Food Television’s Appeal, “they are looking for a passive, mind-resting experience [and] something that does not require close attention”(Bruni 111). People want enjoyment that does not require hard and critical thinking, and they want to see something being done rather than doing it themselves. When people think of food channels, television comes to their mind, and they think that it is the only manner of watching cooking shows. Thanks to the internet, a new kind of cooking channel, known as Epic Meal Time, can be found of YouTube.
Epic Meal Time is a Canadian
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