Epic Of Darkness

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This myth refers to the two sides as “natures” and “principles.” The use of “natures” implies that both good and evil existed before creation and their presence will be eternal. For example, Primal Man lost the five lesser gods of Light to Darkness and all tainted with sin. The sullied five gods used in the war, once deprived of understanding and what makes them “good,” are used as the material to make Heaven and Earth. They are a continual presence of demonic and benevolent life so long as the cosmos exists, perpetuating the duality between good and evil. This the fundamental belief that the temptation of mankind to do evil did not just happen, that it was destiny, and the shaping mechanism used in creation. Without evil in the world, humanity…show more content…
He wished to obtain the hermaphroditic god and wanted something attainable in his image. Although Darkness creates man, man has a divine image. Because of Darkness’s lack of ingenuity, the idea of Darkness creating anything is even more unbelievable. The dark did not have the intelligence to create something from nothing without having seen it first but it still had some knowledge to create Adam and Eve. Darkness relies upon the Light in order to exist and create. In essence, Darkness derives itself from pure Light and therefore, not an independent entity –Darkness is the creation from original Creation. Even the Aeons are the demonic versions of the five gods that Primal Man brings into battle.
The ambiguity of Darkness refers back to its very nature. Darkness fought and devoured itself before it unites in gluttony to take the Light. It should not have had enough knowledge to start a war, let alone create anything more than unintentional destruction. This flows to humanity –a body of humans at war with itself –and its overall creation from evil. At Adam’s creation, he feels grateful to Jesus for making him truly alive and saving him from Demons but the thought of Darkness creating and enslaving him is
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