Epic Of Gilgamesh Literary Analysis

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Themes, characters, settings, and motifs are essential elements for any literary work. The authors of the books combine these elements with their own unique understanding of the story that they wish to narrate to their audience. Scriptural accounts of events that define the doctrines and practices of Christianity depend on the literary elements. The Bible is a book of immense value to the followers of the Christian faith in the sense that themes of love, sin, mortality, divinity, punishments are told through stories of individuals and societies. The Epic of Gilgamesh is a Mesopotamian book that was written long before the Bible. A comparison of the literary elements show several similarities that lead many religious and cultural scholars,…show more content…
The Epic of Gilgamesh revealed that after his sexual encounter with Shamhat, “the herd rejected him due to his lack of innocence, which made the beast to flee his body and scattered the gazelle” (Bird 99). In his analysis of the story of the women in the Bible, Phyllis Bird stated that the comparison of the events that resulted in the movement of Adam from the Garden of Eden and those with the mythical ones documented in the ancient books such as the Epic of Gilgamesh highlighted its uniqueness. He also explained that Eve’s intention was different from that of the Harlot sent by Gilgamesh to test Enkidu. The book of Genesis shows that Eve’s inquisitive nature made her succumb to the trick of the snake. In contrast, the Harlot’s motive was to utilize the sexual urges of Enkidu to gain his trust and fulfill the purpose of civilization.
The Flood that Destroyed the World
The accounts of the floods that destroyed the world due to the sins and wickedness of humans are similar and different in many important ways. Historians and scholars in religious studies have conducted comparative studies to examine both flood accounts. According to Fleming and Sara, the tablet of the Epic of Gilgamesh that contained the account of the Flood wrote that Utnapishtim was commanded to build a ship that would be big enough to weather the
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