Epic Of Gilgamesh Myths And Dreams

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Gilgamesh myths and dreams
In World Literature Gilgamesh is considered to be a masterpiece. After, doing my research I noticed it had to be one of the oldest epics written, but it appears to be more of a myth or dream. The history of this myth draws concern about culture and religion in Babylonian. The perspective I came to understand and focus was myths and dreams. The aspects involved the inner and outer struggles of problems that are essential to this time period. When I look at the science that when I get the impression that this story is a myth or a dream. The component of this epic is hard to relate to human relationships today. This epic makes a valid point of understanding where our spiritual roots must come from. Gilgamesh use spiritual content that seem like a dream that appears to our unconscious belief. There is no particular age when it comes to religion and our spiritual faith seem to take control at just the right time. The Ancient Mesopotamia is where the epic of Gilgamesh come from. Gilgamesh quest for immortality is what fun seems and it touches on the amount of fundamental things we ask ourselves about friendship, death, violence and adventure. Gilgamesh had quite an adventure that make you wonder if it’s a myth or a dream. Since, this is based on Western culture it talks about Christianity and Judaism in Babylonian culture, which sparks our interest in Psychological thought of the people living during that time period. The people thoughts were
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