Epicureanism And Skepticism

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The philosophies that influenced me most would be epicureanism and skepticism. Epicureanism states that one should not be focused only on pleasure and that’s exactly how I feel. I like to have a good time and enjoy myself, but in moderation because that should not be what life is all about. Skepticism says that one can not know something for sure and that’s why I always like to get all the facts on hearing something before jumping to conclusions. I am the same way when it comes to meeting someone new, I am very unsure of them at first until I get to know them better. I like to have more time and information instead of making my mind up about them from the first impression. After learning more about philosophy and looking back I really was not aware that I was practicing these and applying them to my daily life. I was taught growing up that I should work hard and not live as if life is one big party, to a point. Then as I got older I think I learned to be more skeptic because I have been betrayed one to many times. I did not realize that what I was doing and applying to my life and relationships were actually philosophies. After discussing philosophy in class I have realized that there is a reason behind what I have grown up learning and developing as I got older. It has given me a better understanding of who I am. There is actually a reason behind what I have been practicing my whole life and now I am more aware of that when it comes up. Knowing this has not made me change
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