Epidemic of Designer Drugs

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Epidemic of Designer Drugs Tom Lenderink Dordt College Epidemic of Designer Drugs Designer drugs are a recent epidemic that has hit the United States by storm. According to Loeffler, Hurst, Penn, and Yung (2012), “Designer drugs are synthetic compounds that contain modified molecular structures of illegal or controlled substances. They are produced clandestinely with the intent to elicit effects similar to controlled substances while circumventing existing drug laws” (p. 1041). There are two types of designer drugs that have become an outbreak to the world that is seen today and those are called synthetic cannabinoid and synthetic cathinones (Loeffler et al., 2012). These drugs have hit the drug industry and are catastrophic to the…show more content…
This resembles the Josh Tucker story because he went into a state of mind of not knowing where he was shouting stuff like “This is not real life…this is not real life” (Tucker. 2012). With this psychosis comes, “cardiovascular effects includieng elevated heart rate, hypertension, chest pain, even cardiac ischemia…nystagmus, injected conjunctiva xerostomia, mydriasis, fever, hyperglycemia, hypokalemia, and acidosis” (Loeffler et al. 2012. p. 1042). People on this drug have been admitted to psychiatric wards and mental hospitals even though before the drug they did not have any signs of psychosis behavior. Thus, marijuana and synthetic marijuana are different because of psychosis episodes people have when consuming synthetic. Synthetic marijuana has one main chemical that contribute to this psychotic behavior. This main ingredient is, according to Roland, Burke, and Owen (2012), a JWH-018. A Clemson University professor discovered this chemical in 1995 (the name of the chemical are the initials to his name). He did this by studying and researching the effects that synthetic marijuana had on the brain. He compared it to marijuana and discovered that they had the same effects as his hypothesis stated but the strange thing about it was there was no difference in how the substance tested or how it looked. This chemical basically made the marijuana a, “imitation marijuana”
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