Epidemic of Obesity in Our Children

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Obesity in Our Children Introduction In today’s ever changing world is important to understand the statistics behind obesity. Today the number of children that are overweight continues to increase. “The percentage of overweight children in the United States is alarming, with one out of three now considered either overweight or obese” Nemours (2012). The weight of our children can be a reflection of the parents. The Body Mass Index is important for parents to understand and assist children in monitoring weight and exercise habits. In today’s education of health, the BMI calculator is taught so that children can understand where they fall in categorical measurements. Obesity the Epidemic According to (Nemours, 2012), “Children fall…show more content…
They may also see the cafeteria were children are eating large amounts of food that are excessive for a child of that age. Surveyors may be alarmed to see the variables that impact more obese children per capita in rural areas compared to metro areas. Collecting Statistics In rural areas it would be simpler to gather the information needed to complete the statistical analysis to give more accurate statistical reporting. When looking at a school district of 1,900 students it would be easier to complete an accurate survey than looking at a metro school district of 10,000 students. The ease of the survey would be improved by better and more accurate technology that is easier for the researcher to collect and analyze. This new technology would also allow students to reply their answers over the internet making the survey feel as if it is more anonymous. The more comfort that students have in their personal anonymity the more likely they will answer the questions in a more open and honest manner. With more in depth research the students were asked how many had computers with internet access at home. If students replied that they did have a computer they were questioned on how many hours per week that they spent at the computer. This survey was reported to Dr Epstein as he completed the survey to find
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