Epidemics: The Role Of Obesity In Social Media

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Obesity is a common phenomenon across the world where, in particular the United States, more than two thirds of adults, over the age of twenty are considered to be obese. As a result, one of the major topics in social media to date is body image and what society perceives as the ideal physique and as overweight or obese. In most cases society tends to favor a thinner and leaner physique over those carrying a few extra pounds of fat, who are immediately characterized as obese people. Though there is plenty scholarly discussion sounding dire warnings of the rising obesity epidemic, exaggerating the risks of phenomenon may lead society to attribute meaning to obesity that goes beyond the actual pathology in association and fail to acknowledge the reality of the condition. Obesity is a direct consequence of one’s lifestyle habits. My main focus is to…show more content…
When the term is brought to attention, the most popular response to this question is almost always excess body fat and a body that is larger than what fits into society’s ideal. What the majority of American society does not understand is that there are many other health complications that follow the life threatening condition. Excess body fat has become so stigmatized, in a society that upholds such a high standard of a thin physique, where most characterizations and points of view go beyond the actual pathology associated with the condition where, in the case of obesity, no such pathology exists. Such stigmatization has inhibited society to understand that obesity and being overweight is a direct consequence of one’s lifestyle habits and not induced by a contagious “epidemic”. These ignorant characterizations may lead to a negative portrayal of bodyweight where, overweight individuals such as Dawn and Judy of All of Me, in the end, are urged ( utilize slapdash methods of weight loss)to strive for an unrealistic ideal of body image through gastric bypass
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