Epidemiologic Evidence Paper

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Epidemiologic evidence that is related to the prevention of diabetes in for adults can be found in many places in the literature. Some issues that come up are how according to Patel, Misra, and Balasubramanyam (2017) the increase in diagnosis of type 2 diabetes in developing countries has escalated rapidly due to an increase in populations, overall aging of the population, urbanization, and increase prevalence of obesity. Patel, Misra, and Balasubramanyam (2017) also projects that the number of individual that are diagnosed with diabetes in 2040 will have increased to 642 million adults globally compared to the 415 million adults globally who are currently diagnosed with diabetes and in the US, there was 86 million adults who are…show more content…
Review of the Literature of Interventions used in Adults In reviewing the literature for interventions to help adult individuals work toward preventing or delaying the onset of diabetes many types of interventions have been researched. One intervention performed by Dearinger, et al (2013) attempted to create an education program for educators in the communities at the health department level. Dearinger, et al (2013) found that any type of education given to individuals can help them to better manage their disease. Furthermore, having better access to other preventative measures can better aid members of the community in managing their diabetes and also preventing the onset. Another intervention was found was for prescribes focusing on Nurse Practitioners and how often and confident they feel in prescribing physical activity for individuals with risk factors for diabetes. While this study had no intervention that could show how much of a change physical activity had on the prevention of diabetes, it did show how there is need for prescribes to have education on guidelines of prescribers to prescribe physical activity as a prevention for diabetes (Lamarche & Vallance, 2013). Through this study it is important to see that while most prescribers do know that
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