Epidemiological Studies Essay

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One of the most useful outcomes of studying epidemiology is learning how to evaluate critically the scientific literature (Aschengrau & Seage, 2008). Critical assessment of this literature is an important skill for public health professionals because the findings of epidemiologic research inform so many activities (Aschengrau & Seage, 2008). Munnoch et al. (2008) done epidemiological studies on S.Saintpaul infection occurred in Australia during October 2006 and found that cantaloupe production and processing practices pose a potential public health threat requiring regulatory and community education interventions. Based on main journal article written upon this subject, this article will analyse how epidemiological research has helped us…show more content…
According to Munnoch et al.2008 the objective of study was cleared that consumption of cantaloupe was directly linked to the infection and hypothesis study done was relevant because it states that cantaloupe was consumed more frequently by cases than expected when compared with the food consumption data for controls from an Australian Campylobacter case-control study. So study identified a strong epidemiological association between S.Saintapaul infection and consumption of cantaloupe, with cases being 23 times more likely to have consumed cantaloupe in the 4 days prior to onset of illness than controls. As there were so many people involved in the research so study done was observational study, as no action was taken to change the health outcome - people were simply “observed” (Webb & Bain, 2011). The study design used to measure in terms of hypothesis generation method and observational study was useful. STUDY PARAMETERS Research exposure Observational study design examined on the basis of exposure and health outcome. The exposure of interest is the factor that either causes, Prevents, or treats the outcome. It is important to consider whether the exposure was accurately defined and measured because exposure misclassification stems from broad definitions and inaccurate measurements. (Aschengrau & Seage, 2008). According to Munnoch et al. (2008), study conducted to investigate the S.Saintapaul infection
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