Epidemiological Study Design Paper

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HTH 450: Epidemiology Epidemiological Study Design Assignment Journal Article Citation: Kurppa, K., Collin, P.,Viljamaa, M., Haimila, K., Saavalainen, P., Partanen, J., ... Kaukinen, K. (2009). Diagnosing mild enteropathy celiac disease: a randomized, controlled clinical study. Gastroenterology,136, 816-823. doi:10.1053/j.gastro.2008.11.040 Type of study (i.e. prospective cohort): Prospective, Randomized, Controlled Clinical Trial Sample/population: The sample consisted of 145 adults who were suspected to have potentially had celiac disease. Any patient who was taking medication that was considered an immunosuppressant or who was suspected to have dermatitis herpetiformis was excluded. Exposure (if applicable): Outcome (if applicable): Study Purpose/Rationale: The purpose of the study was the test the hypothesis that participants with positive endomysial…show more content…
Control participants were randomly selected and matched with cases based on age and sex. Parents provided informed consent for their children’s participant in the study, after which 5mL of blood was drawn from each participant at 8:00 AM before any food was consumed. This blood was centrifuged at 5 degrees Celsius and the separated sera were kept at -70 degrees Celsius until Anti-TTG IgA measurements. Using 250 microns of the isolated sera, Anti-TTG IgA levels were measured using ELISA. If the serum level was found to be higher than 20 ng/ML, the participant was considered to be positive for celiac disease. In addition to the blood test, height was measured using a flat, wooden calibration table for participants under the age of two and a scale ruler for those who were over the age of two. A tape measure was used to find the circumference of participant’s heads in centimeters. Finally, SPSS 20 was used to analyze the
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