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Epidemiology Paper- Chicken Pox Grand Canyon University Community/Public Health Nursing NRS-427V August 8, 2015 Chicken Pox or Varicella is a highly contagious viral disease caused by the Varicella-Zoster virus that causes a blister like itchy rash all over the body. The rash is the disclosing indication of chicken pox (Mayo Clinic 2015). While signs and symptoms of chicken pox will usually appear one to two days prior to the rash, the rash itself will last from five to ten days. The symptoms that appear before the rash are headache, fever, general malaise, cough and loss of appetite. There are three phases of rash once it appears; Phase 1 red or pink papules all over the body for several days; Phase 2 The papules turn into…show more content…
Varicella is endemic worldwide. In areas where the climate is temperate chicken pox lends itself to be a childhood disease, with the highest incidence affecting preschool and young school age children. The incidence of chicken pox is highest in the late winter and early spring. In climates that tend to be more tropical, the incidence appears in the coolest, driest seasons and transmitted later in childhood or early adulthood (Marin & Bialek 2015). In households where there are multiple family members, the contagiousness is approximately 85%, but less in community exposure (Marin & Bialek 2015). Since the utilization and application of childhood vaccinations for Varicella in the United States, a consequential decline has presented itself. The risk of Chicken pox has remained higher in other parts of the world. Other countries that have begun routinely immunizing their children and have seen a decrease in incidents are Canada, Costa Rica, Germany, Greece, Korea, Latvia, Luxembourg, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, UAE, Uruguay and some areas of Spain and Italy. The varicella vaccine is the best prevention for chicken pox. According to the CDC it is estimated that vaccination of varicella provides complete protection for approximately 90% of the children who

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