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Tuberculosis _ Epidemiology and Nursing Research. Concepts in Community & Public Health NRS427V November14, 2013 Tuberculosis _Epidemiology and Nursing Research. Communicable diseases occurs in every country regardless of urban, rural, or with socio economical diversities. In order to help in prevention and control of communicable diseases, locally, nationally and globally, nurses who are working with the public health system , must have basic understanding of epidemiology, microbiology, treatments, and knowledge about public health system and the legal system. Although, the United states attained a significant success in attaining the control over…show more content…
Mycobacterium Tuberculosis transmits from an infected person to un infected person through droplet infection. This airborne particles which are called as droplet nuclie are one to five microns in diameter and able to suvive for several hours in air under favorable environments.Persons who are diagnosed with active pulmonary tuberculosis should be treated with multi drug therapy under “Direct Observational Therapy”(DOT). Respiratory hygiene should be in practice to prevent spreading. A surgical mask should be worn by the patient to prevent spreading of droplet infection.(CDC) The host factors for tuberculosis includes poor nutrition, coexisting diseases, poor immunity. Compremised population are at high risk for communicable diseases. Infants, children who are longer time in schools, older adults are prone to get infected with communcable diseases like TB. According to WHO, vaccination for TB, in countries where the disease is common, is recommended. Bacille Calmette – Guerin (BCG) is effective in protecting small children from TB. BCG is not in use in The United States (NIH). Health care workers, police

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