Epidemiology and Primary Diabetes Prevention Essay

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Epidemiology Paper Mazurah Smith University of Phoenix According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention's National Center for Health Statistics, "[By 1993] death certificates listed diabetes as the fifth leading cause of death for Blacks aged 45 to 64, and the third leading cause of death for those aged 65 and older in 1990.” (Bailey, 2007). These statistics show how serious the problem of diabetes has become in the black community. Epidemiological studies can focus the efforts of the healthcare community to effective interventions aimed at lowering the prevalence and incidence of diabetes among African Americans. This paper will explore the role of epidemiology in the surveillance of the incidence of…show more content…
59.63% reported eating less than five fresh fruits and vegetables a day. (California Diabetes Program, 2005). Epidemiological Triangle The epidemiology triangle has three sides. The sides consist of the host, the agent and the environment. The host is the person who is affected by the disease. The agent is the organism causing the disease. “In the case of type II diabetes, the agent could be the absence of a substance.” (McMurray, 2006). The agent interacts with the host and the environment to cause the disease. The environment is all the outside conditions that make the host susceptible to the agent. One condition of the environment could be the health of the host. An example of this would be a host who is an African American woman. The agent is type II diabetes or insulin resistance. The environment is a family history of diabetes along with poor diet, sedentary lifestyle and obesity. The interplay of the factors of agent, host and environment would result in the host developing type II diabetes. Methods Used in Epidemiology Observational epidemiology is a study of disease where “the investigator ascertains exposure and outcome without assignment to an intervention” Observational studies have made important contributions to the knowledge and understanding of health-related conditions. These studies usually involve a large group of individuals as in a community. The purpose of this type of study is to determine the
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