Epidemiotigic Information on Bioterriorism Risk Essay

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The competency, “Explain methods of ensuring community health safety and preparedness” was met through reading chapter 8 in Public Health: What it is and How it Works, and through completing the discussion question, “Review the UCLA web resource cataloging Epidemiologic Information on Bioterrorism. Briefly describe the bioterrorism risk associated with the two infectious agents that you believe to be the most likely to be used in a bioterrorism event affecting your community. Be sure to explain.” From reading the book I learned that there are many roles that public health plays when it comes to emergency preparedness and response. The first role, related to disease outbreak, is public health surveillance. Successful preparedness and…show more content…
425-426). The next role, related to disease outbreak, public health plays in emergency preparedness and response is laboratory investigation and analysis. Laboratories are able to identify agents, biological and chemical, through different activities and then they are able to link it to other cases that had similar sources (Turnock, 2011 p. 426). Intervention is the next role, related to disease outbreak, that public health plays in emergency preparedness and response. One of the main reasons why collecting, investigating, and distributing the information about a disease is important is because it is a part of the process of controlling the disease from spreading (Turnock, 2011 p. 426). Interventions that are created to protect people in the community from the risk that are associated with a disease include: “setting standards for health and safety, inspecting food production and importation facilities, monitoring environmental conditions that foster infectious disease and enforcing private-sector compliance with established standards” (Turnock, 2011 p. 426). Investigations trigger activities that work to decrease the spread of that particular disease along with decreasing the amount of cases that occur in the community (Turnock, 2011 p. 426). This role, related to disease outbreak, in emergency response and preparedness is risk communication. In situations such as a disease outbreak, public health education is extremely important to communicate to the community
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