Epigenetic Summary

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I took a semester off in the Spring of 2012 and 2013. In 2012, I helped care for my grandfather, who suffered from lung cancer and passed away that April. During my time off, I volunteered in the pediatric department of the hospital where he was staying. The inoperable nature of his cancer spurred me to shadow Dr Cheng, a radiation oncologist. In 2013, my mother was told that she might have breast cancer. With my father working in China, I took time off to be with her. I decided to transfer schools because Columbia dramatically decreased my financial aid for the upcoming year, while Brandeis offered me a full scholarship. With my mother’s health issues, I did not want to further burden her financially. I shadowed Dr Anderson, a pediatric geneticist at UT Genetic Center and validated a plasma cell enrichment procedure for the diagnosis of Multiple Myeloma.

I will continue working as a research technician at the Center for Epigenetic Research at Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center which I have been doing since last June. My research involves examining the epigenetic changes that occur in cancer progression. Using techniques such as Chromatin Immunoprecipitation and Assays for Transposase Accessible follow by high throughput sequencing (ChIP-seq and ATAC-seq), my focus will be on alterations in histone modifications and changes in chromatin
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As the first medical school founded within a hospital, SUNY Downstate has a particular focus on early clinical exposure and teaching at the bedside. With many affiliated hospitals in which to complete my rotations, I will be exposed to a variety of medical conditions and clinical experiences as well as patients of different races, ethnicities, religions and socioeconomic backgrounds. I believe attending Downstate will prepare me to become a physician with strong clinical skills who’s ready to serve all patient
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