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Ever since I graduated from Dalhousie University, I have been teaching English in Korea. In July of 2007 I went to Daegu to teach at a hagwon. Before I graduated, I spent my last year of university researching Korean society and culture. I wanted to know as much about the country and people as possible before heading there. When I arrived in Daegu, I was surprised by how well I managed to fit in so quickly. I was expecting culture shock, as I had never been out of North America before. My students and co-workers thought it was strange of me to not feel isolated and alone in Korea, so far from Canada, but it was never an issue. Teaching English seemed the best way to explore Korea for a recently graduated individual. Although I was a…show more content…
While my Korean friends are surprised by my knowledge, my skills are still quite basic. It is my intention to study Korean history at the graduate level in the near future, so a deeper understanding of the Korean language is a necessity. I also strongly believe I can help many students achieve their academic dreams, stemming from previous success I had. When it comes to my educational philosophy, it is quite varied. I believe in leading by example since, as a teacher, I should be the students’ role model. I believe teachers should be very flexible with their techniques, as not all students learn the same way or at the same rate. Learning should be a natural process and is best nurtured through interest. While books are useful tools, other avenues must be used as well (multi-media, games, activities, role-playing etc). Students should look at mistakes as a chance to learn and better themselves, rather than as obstacles. Teachers should be fair in both punishing and rewarding students. As a teacher, I was always keenly aware I held my students’ futures in the palms of my hands. That is a responsibility I do not take

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