Epilepsy Book Report

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Epilepsy is a disorder that affects people all across the globe. In order to gain the best possible understanding of the treatments, one must consider all points of views. The purpose of this project is to maintain a global understanding of treatment for epilepsy. This includes understanding treatments in both first and third world countries. There is no specific hypothesis for this study, as the desire is of personal interest to dive into an understanding of the treatments and of the disease itself. This is considered a personal interest project as a I’ve served in hospitals in both 1st and 3rd world countries, and have first hand seen the treatment gap. I’ve also seen that even in 1st world hospitals there is still no cure for this…show more content…
However, for 3rd world countries, the research is generalized which will show as a difficulty to understand their practices and the accuracy of them. This would be done by not only looking at journal articles, but also books like The Spirit Catches You as Fall Down from our Diversity class. This book takes a specific ethnic group and tells their spiritual, emotional, and scientific views of seizures and the treatments.1 It also dives into the struggles of choosing tribal or hospital medicine and what all goes in to such a decision.
After reviewing the different cultures and diving into the different points of views on treatments, the 1st and 3rd world treatments should be compared as there tends to be controversies; 1st world treatment tends to rely on technological advances whereas 3rd world treatments tends to rely on past down wisdom. Comparing the two should assist in the understanding of epilepsy treatment. Finally, after reviewing these different views on treatment, treatments that are currently being tested will be reviewed. This would be done in order to understand where the future of the treatments is going. This will be done by gaining a tour of UNM’s epilepsy center and holding an interview.
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Inclusion criteria would include epilepsy physiology, epilepsy treatments, third world medicine compared to first world, and epilepsy in the third world. Exclusion criteria would include just searching epilepsy or seizures as that gives too wide of a results bank. This clinical review study design is mainly based on scientific journal articles. The articles mainly take different medications and compare different drug related treatments for epilepsy. According to one article, 1/3 of those receiving treatment for epilepsy are not receiving adequate treatment as they still show up in the ED with life threatening epilepsy.1 In order to address this issue the article dove into three topics: new anti-seizure treatments for drug-resistant seizures, disease-modifying treatments that prevent epileptogenesis, treatment of the common associated morbidities that are tied with epilepsy.1 Articles like this help understand the importance of this study. Epilepsy is a very relevant disease that affects people across the globe equally, can be minor or severe, and can have affective treatment or ineffective treatment. Through following the plan below, these topics will be reviewed and
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