Epip Action Plan

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Action Plan
Football skills:
Passing with instep to feet slide tackle dribbling throw in controlling the ball header Key coaching points

Passing with in step - you’d be told to keep an eye on the person your passing to open your body up, put your non kicking foot besides the ball pointing to where you want the pass to go, make contact using the instep of the striking foot and kick the ball, after contact with the ball follow through it.

Slide tackle - make sure you keep your eye on the ball go in one footed sliding along the ground coming in from the side making minimum contact with the player, you must get the ball.

Dribbling – keep your eye on the ball but at the same time every so often look up to see surrounding players, you can
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One training method that could be used to improve strength in the lower body is to do leg presses working on the quadriceps, do 3 sets of 5 reps at 80% rate this should be done 3 times a week for the 6 week period of training. To see if the footballer has improved over the duration, do a pre-test by seeing the maximum weight that they can lift and a post-test to see if the maximum weight that they can lift has improved.

Stamina/ CV
Stamina is important for a footballer as they will want to be able to perform for the whole 90 minute game period. If the player gets fatigued they’ll not often perform their best so it is important there stamina levels are high so they can maintain running for a long period of time. Fartlek training could be used to improve CV you could do this by jogging for 30 seconds sprinting for 5 seconds and repeating it over a 5 minutes 50 seconds then with a 30 second walking rest then repeat it again. You could show improvements by doing the multistage fitness test (bleep test) before and after training for 6 weeks.

Opportunities to progress and participate both locally and nationally.

There are many local facilities in the New forest area. Such as: Ringwood rec, David Lloyd and little down. With lots of small towns and

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