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A couple of hours later, while I stepped out for dinner, all was dark and quiet without trace of Hamia or the others. Yet, after a few steps under the gloomy shimmer produced by the pale moon through the occluding clouds, I spotted the paired silhouettes of Hamia and Jason at the wooded lot behind the cabana complex. Their conversation seemed agitated, even though the twilight made distinguishing their faces in the distance impossible. Being that they obviously sought privacy, I kept walking as if I had not seen them, and they couldn’t perceive me. Concurrently, on progress through the dusky trail, I walked in front of the diner where Duende used to work and we had met, at which Zach and Jenny casually enjoyed some sandwiches and waved me to their table. Nevertheless, while we chat about diving and other trivial issues, I felt absorbed by which matter between Jason and Hamia might’ve upset them, and called it a night earlier than usual.…show more content…
This had been a familiar experience for us all, one that made us wonder at times, how these frail cabins relentlessly stand-up to the elements face to face in defiance. Nevertheless, the morning felt restful and calmed, as if weary from a toilsome night, and the blame was given to the Mayan weather god “Hunraqan” - Spanish Huracan; whereas each site has its own folklore and myths, one divinity accepted by the bulk of native Caribbeans is the infamous weather deity which the English transformed into
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