Epistemic Vices Medina

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Prior to the Department of Education sending out its Dear Colleague letter schools were not encouraged to adopt a uniform and swift response to any allegations of sexual assault or sexual harassment. Although the Dear Colleague letter maintains that schools must provide due process to the alleged perpetrator, however this ideal is far from reality as the experiences I endured will show how this letter contributed to the three epistemic vices Medina ascribes to those in power, which in this context are the Department of Education, administrative departments at colleges and universities tasked with enforcing these recommendations. The vices Medina ascribes to those in power are: epistemic arrogance, epistemic laziness, and close-mindedness. He…show more content…
Multiple articles in the school newspaper and other local papers referenced my name perpetuated the belief that the allegations me were hundred percent truthful and this distorted perception decimated any due process I believed was owed. Page twelve of the “Letter” maintains that schools must provide due process to the alleged perpetrator, however because schools are required to promptly conduct their own investigations independently, prior to the conclusion of any criminal adjudication(s) or investigations, schools have an inherent interest to resolve any and all accusations as quickly as possible. This is evidenced by the University adjudicating the allegation in January 2011, only two months after it was brought against me. The assistant dean of the university represented the university and the complainant in the hearing. Also, detective assigned to investigate the allegations brought against me, chose to withhold nearly every piece of his investigative findings, including his investigative police log, until after the presiding adjudicator rendered a decision at the conclusion of the hearing. Upon the advice of my attorney, I did not attend or testify at the Title IX hearing because the matter was still under investigation by the University, however he was there to represent me in my absence. As a result of the hearing, the

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