Epistemological Position And A Qualitative Research Design

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The approach of this study will take the epistemological position and a qualitative research design. Humphries (2008) asserts that qualitative research focusses on the subjective and recognises that the researcher will affect the data that is produced and therefore the outcome of the research. Denzin & Lincoln (2005:3) state that “Qualitative researchers study things in their natural settings attempting to make sense of, or to interpret, phenomena in terms of the meanings people bring to them”. Quantitative research on the other hand, claims to be objective, removing the researcher’s views and values from the study. While traditionally quantitative data has been deemed to produce more reliable or valid data, it does not suffice to capture the complexities of the human experience as it assumes a positivist epistemology.
This research has taken a narrative methodolgy as this approach recognises that realities are socially constructed, and that human actions and agency are contingent on socio cultural, political and historical influences (Gill and Goodson, 2011). Using in depth semi structured interviews will ensure that trans-people have the best opportunity to express their story and impart the information that they feel is important to them. A structured interview approach would endanger the research in that the questions would have to be chosen prior to data collection and therefore could reflect assumptions the researcher had made and as the information shared is

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