Epistemology And The Pursuit Of Knowledge Essay

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Epistemology has been the spearhead of every academia battle. It is undeniable that theories of knowledge and the pursuit of knowledge have infinite and unknown complexities. Therefore, there must be a common ground that permits separation of these complexities into useful and beneficial terms, theories, and notions. More specifically, this can be accomplished by examining the social character of knowledge and how an individual 's reality is shaped via testimony. Testimony, a declaration or proposition which an individual claims to be true and fact, is key to social epistemology. With certainty, some individuals ' claims, beliefs, and opinions are converging, whereas others ' are diverging. There are differences between subjective reality, influenced by the aforementioned factors of influence from objective truths that exist and can be known independent from the social contexts. However, these two extremes are intimately associated. Reality is a combination of both subjective and objective beliefs, and is ultimately relative and formed by the perceptions of the individual . On the other hand, social epistemology, is focused on the social influences of individual and collective knowledge. Relativism, in this context, relates to thought or ideas created by individuals. The differences between people 's beliefs and ideas are simply relating subject to subject 's reality. The knowledge from this reality is known and determined by the individual or group 's experience . If
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