Epistobabble Warfare

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INTRODUCTION The article “Marketing: philosophy of science and “epistobabble warfare” is a commentary by the author Michel Rod published as a qualitative research in an International Journal, Vol. 12 Iss. 2, pp. 120- 129. Throughout the article Rod articulated his viewpoints on the variety of philosophies involved in legitimizing the science of marketing research and sought to establish his own perspective of what he actually believes marketing research should accomplish. This was stated in his thesis statement that: “Rather than argue one particular perspective, it is this paper’s central thesis that no one philosophical perspective does or should have a monopoly on what makes a useful contribution to our understanding of…show more content…
To further balance his commentary, Rod also looked at the unpopular aspect of the philosophy of science in marketing, the philosophies that dictate how market research should be conducted to make a real contribution to society. In quoting Frank Bass on his editorial comment to put it all together Gains in fundamental knowledge have been substantial, but, more importantly, what has transpired has been the development of a system for further development of science in marketing (p. 124.) Whilst Rod continued in his literature review to explore further philosophies, Critique Rod’s conceptual paper on Marketing: the philosophy of science and “epistobabble warfare” was not an easy paper that one could read and understand on the first go. If the topic is not within the subject area of the reader, then the article further becomes an ‘epistobabble’ full of ‘isims’ and ‘schisms’ that one would have to ponder on for days. There is no denying that the reader had to do additional research to fully comprehend Rod’s commentary on the philosophical perspectives involved in conducting a market research. Nevertheless, by stating his background in medicine where research was/is conducted with less philosophical debates, save ‘ethical ones’ the transition for Rod to an area with documented philosophies in search of truths was a transition for him. Who is the author of this journal entry? It was interesting to note that Professor Michel Rod is an associate professor

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