Eq And Iq Emotional Intelligence

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Pet ownership can teach children “[…] ‘emotional intelligence’, or EQ- their ability to empathize, understand, and connect with others.” (Daniels 1) This skill controls and manages emotions in order to promote good communication. As social beings, people must understand their own feelings as well as other’s and act accordingly in order to solve problems and avoid conflict. Its counterpart, IQ, the intelligence quotient, measures one’s learning, understanding, and applying of information. The difference between them is the process of understanding mental capabilities; while EQ focuses on emotion, IQ focuses on information. (Hassan 1)

These brain quotients develop differently. EQ is best learned through application in the real world, therefore actual practice is needed to be
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Understanding emotion helps you recognize your mental state and its effects. You are able to pinpoint your strengths and weaknesses and, if developed properly, contribute to self-confidence. You are also socially aware by picking up the emotions, needs, or concerns of others. On the other hand, IQ is responsible for processing information. You are able to analyze, research, and understand data easily. Mental challenges like math skills or word comprehension can be solved without much difficulty because the ability to learn and put these logical skills to use answers challenging tasks. Academic success is more likely to occur with high levels of IQ. (EQ vs. IQ 1)

Although most people opt for higher grades, it does not necessarily ensure one’s success in life. Dale Goleman said that IQ is definite in nature; it doesn’t develop human abilities that are needed in the real world. EQ helps form healthy relationships and attains the fulfillment of interaction all social beings need in order to relate to others. EQ is identified by how well you deal with yourself and others while IQ is how skilled you are when faced with logical problems. (Cherry

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