Eq and Iq

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I think EQ is more important than IQ for the success or failure of a student in this world.
IQ's may be based on a student's level of knowledge but EQ's are the level of a student's ability to emotionally judge situations and/or fit into groups by managing their personal interactions.

EQ or Emotional Quotient is a measure of your ability to notice and then manage your interior and exterior perceptions of your feelings and then control your reactions. Your mood will always control your ability to resolve problems making this an important skill to develop and use. Using a well developed EQ will help you manage your emotions. And developing a higher EQ can be done quite easily.

IQ or
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EQ gets you through life vs. IQ gets you through school
Appealing to reason and emotions to convince someone vs. Trying to convince someone by facts alone
Using your emotions as well as your cognitive abilities to function more effectively vs. Relying solely on your cognitive skills
Samuel had a high IQ. He could reason, was analytical and logical, and had a steel-trap focus on tasks. He learned new things quickly. However, he ignored how he was feeling and how others were feeling. If things didn't do the way he expected them to, he would lose his temper and lash out at others. He was unable to relate to people who weren't as smart as he was and lacked empathy. This limited his ability to be effective in team situations even though his IQ was very high.
Jose had a high EQ. He got along well with people, and managed his own emotions well. This made him highly effective in his work, even though there were others in the firm with higher IQs. Jose was able to consider the emotional component of interactions, using both his cognitive abilities and his understanding of emotions. He was able to influence and motivate people because he understood what mattered to them and was an excellent communicator. His authenticity and integrity made him a natural leader. He was flexible and creative when faced with a challenge, and resilient in the face of temporary defeats. He

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